Obsessions and New Consumer Experiences on VisionMonday.com


NEW YORK—Persol Salutes Obsessive Craftsmanship in the third and final installation in a series of three exhibitions to highlight the sunglass brand’s complex creation process and link it to stories of similar craftsmanship in filmmaking. Last week, at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, the exhibit offered visitors the chance to view rarely-seen artifacts from some of cinema’s most iconic films, along with never-seen research notes, sketches and materials used in the development process of some of the world’s great filmmakers.

Speaking of obsessions, B. Robinson’s Cliff Robinson talked to Vision Monday about the newly launched standalone e-commerce platform, Rowley Eyewear, they’ve launched in partnership with designer Cynthia Rowley. Featuring Rowley Eyewear for women and Mr. Powers eyewear for men, the sites will retail both optical and sunglass collections direct to consumers. “We wanted to explore new ways to talk to the consumer and give the consumer a new experience,” said Robinson. “We wanted to create a fashion optical product with a great value proposition and we’re very excited with what we achieved.” Read more about Rowley Eyewear here.