A Nice Pair of Specs and the Jump to Mobile on VisionMonday.com


NEW YORK—Clearly Bold Face is a fan of stylish specs, but combine those specs with a nice pair of pecs and we have ourselves a party. In this week’s edition we highlight three fabulously fit gentlemen who routinely cause a commotion thanks to their sculpted physics and fashionable frames. Don’t miss their nice pairs of specs from Marchon, Base Curve and Mosley Tribes in VM’s latest installment of Bold Face.

Social networking, aided by the widespread adoption of smartphones in the U.S., is quickly making the jump to mobile, according to eMarketer estimates. By the end of this year, it is estimated that nearly 82 million U.S. mobile users will use a social networking site on their phone at least monthly, or more than a quarter of the total U.S population. Find out what sites these mobile social networkers are hitting up in this week’s CLICK highlight, One-Quarter of Americans Will Use Mobile Social Networks This Year.