Accessories Council and Vision Monday Offer Program Examining Legal Aspects of New Vision Technologies

NEW YORK—The Accessories Council, in partnership with Vision Monday and Schiff Hardin, a New York-based law firm, is presenting a program that will examine new vision technologies and the legal ramifications associated with them.

The program, “See it Coming, New Eyewear & Accessory Technologies, New Legal Issues,” will feature Andrew Karp, group editor, lenses and technology for the Jobson Optical Group and editor of Vision Monday’s Eye2 e-newsletter, as well as David Jacoby, Judith S. Roth and Cindy Yang, lawyers at Schiff Hardin LLP who practice in relevant areas. It will include a survey of product and technology developments in eyewear, then move to a panel discussion of legal and societal issues presented, such as privacy, liability, patent protection and licensing, venture capital, concluding with a question period. CLE credit will be available.

“As consumer electronics and eyewear converge, eyewear is rapidly becoming a vehicle for many new technologies,” said Karp. “Google Glass is just one example, but there are many more, from smart glasses offering augmented reality, Internet connectivity and high definition video cameras to ski goggles with GPS. This emerging trend is changing the way consumers perceive and use eyewear. It also presents new opportunities for vision care professionals on both a clinical and commercial level.”

The program will take place Tuesday, June 25, 8:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m., at Schiff Hardin, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Reservations can be made until June 24 by calling (212) 947-1135.

Admission is free for Accessories Council members; the fee for non-members is $20 per person.