Advanced Eyewear Tools and Sick Leave Rules on


Wearable technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in optical business, and one audience such products are beginning to take hold in is tech-savvy athletes. With products like high-performance ski goggles hitting the market, fans of the sport are becoming increasingly adept at tracking speed, altitude and jump stats when hitting the slopes. In an exclusive VM Eye2 interview, Zeal Optics president John Sanchez explains how the company has become a front runner of the video goggle arena.

For those not fortunate enough to be enjoying high-energy healthy activities, there is somewhat of a silver lining--States and cities across the U.S. are continuing to pass bills proving paid sick leave for employees under the weather. With New York now joining San Francisco, Portland, Oreg., Washington, D.C. and Seattle in approving new measures for paid sick days, supporters are pleased but counter arguments arise among employers and the unemployed. Take a stand on the increasingly prevalent issue in's HR Corner.