AIT Debuts WECO E.6 at Vision Expo

BENSENVILLE, Ill.—AIT Industries is debuting the WECO E.6 edger at Vision Expo East. The E.6 builds upon the speed and reliability of the WECO Edge 680 by adding a new milling feature.

When coupled with the WECO C.5 Automatic Blocker, the E.6 is able to process complex shapes that used to be impossible for a patternless edger. This allows the E.6 to be able to tackle the most challenging frames and the slickest coatings at a faster speed than competitive units, according to AIT Industries.

The unit’s key features include: integrated milling with SD (Smart Design) Interface; a grinding wheel for beveling all materials, automatic polishing of standard plastic, high-index, Trivex, and polycarbonate; an intuitive touchscreen icon-based interface; and automatic internal/external safety bevel.

The E.6 also boasts a 10.5 inch tiltable LCD display, continuous 3D mapping, four bevel programs (automatic, program guided, manual and flat), an adjustable grooving angle of 0-30 degrees and minibevel technology. Camera-assisted blocking system with auto-recognition integrated drilling and wrap frame processing, a superhydrophobic lens roughing process and Chemistrie magnetic lens processing capabilities round out the package.