Allison Debuts Hally & Son Eyewear Collection

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

PADUA, Italy—Allison has introduced the Hally & Son Eyewear collection of water buffalo horn and replica horn glasses.

The collection was conceived after a box containing old notes, drawings and semi-finished glasses was found. The company, who has been producing frames since 1959, thought the notes and glasses belonged to one of their old craftsmen and named him Mr. Hally.

“Mr. Hally was a craftsman who in his spare time using scraps and leftover stock was trying to create his concept of eyeglasses, and who aspired to teach his art to his son. This is how we imagined him, as an entrepreneur who lived a dream,” said Massimiliano Zegna Baruffa, head of product development for Allison. “With this collection, which traces our history of frame manufacturing, we celebrate the uniqueness of the work.”

The collection features eight models in water buffalo horn, both optical and sun, mostly unisex, all with a flex hinge and associated with one year of the company’s archives. Each style is also offered in replica horn, an acetate expressly conceived for this collection, which reproduces the chromatic and tactile characteristics of the natural horn.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$$-$$$$$