Augen Optics Updates Easyform FF-V3 Free-Form Generator

SAN DIEGO—Designed to make free-form production easy, high-performance Augen EasyForm FF-V3 Digital Surfacing Generator has been updated by Augen Optics with extra-sturdy construction, providing maximum productivity through simplified operation, an intuitive easy-to-understand touch screen, and calibration-free tooling that eliminates unnecessary downtime.

According to Augen Optics, EasyForm FF-V3 delivers consistently high quality output with exceptionally clear, smooth lens surfaces, and offers unsurpassed design precision with outstanding sub-micron surface quality based on NURBS technology. The unit is easy to load, unload and access, EasyForm FF-V3 processes free-form and conventional spheric and atoric surfaces, the company said.

The FF-V3’s features and benefits include:

  • Outstanding sub-micron surface quality based on NURBS technology.
  • Smooth, exact pivot oscillating movements ensure complete accuracy of curves to 1/100 of a diopter.
  • Robust diamond tools provide accuracy over 20D curves with no tool change.
  • Proprietary cutting geometry eradicates vibration and machine movement during cutting, eliminating the need for daily tool calibration and subsequent downtime.
  • Quiet, efficient unit fits any laboratory with compact 4-foot-square dimensions.
  • Processes free-form (NURBS) and conventional spheric and atoric surfaces
  • Easy to load, unload and access, increasing general productivity.
  • Easy Touch Screen is simple to see and understand with large buttons and clear instructions.
  • Easy-to-learn functionality; no need to increase staff with advanced technicians.
  • Minimal waste. Lubricant recycled during processing for reduced lens waste, easy waste removal, and cleaner laboratory environment.

According to Augen Optics, the generator’s average throughput for conventional lenses: 30 jobs/hour; free-form surfaces (non-progressives): 16 jobs/hour; free-form surfaces (progressives): 12 jobs/hour. Lens materials: hard resin, Trivex, mid-index, MR10 1.67, polycarbonate, photochromic and polarized.