Barry Saltzberg Shows Kids That ‘Glasses Rock’

NEW YORK—Authors of children’s books have long been regarded for their ability to introduce challenging subjects to kids, and that notion doesn’t change when it comes to eyewear. ECPs and their patients and clients know all about the special powers of glasses, but kids often regard their need for eyewear as embarrassing or bothersome rather than fashionable and fun. In order to alleviate some of the stress kids have about needing glasses, children’s author Barney Saltzberg has introduced Arlo Needs Glasses, a story chronicling how glasses are a good thing.

The book, along with its trailer and theme song on YouTube, introduce Arlo, a happy-go-lucky dog whose affinity for playing catch is one day challenged by his inability to see the ball. Narrating the dog’s determination to do what he loves, the story shows that a visit to the eye doctor isn’t that scary, and can in fact help Arlo and his audience become better at what they love to do—like read.

“Going from two eyes to four isn’t a bummer,” said Saltzberg, a glasses-wearer himself. “I hope kids take away the concept that books can take you to amazing places.”

Released by Workman publishing this July, the book includes interactive features like reading an eye chart, looking through a phoropter, and trying on different styled glasses folded into the book.

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