Block Buying Group Unveils New Name and Initiatives

NEW YORK—At the company's 30th anniversary cocktail reception and press conference here yesterday during Vision Expo East, Michael Block, president of Block Buying Group announced that the company has been rebranded to Block Business Group, For Independent Eye Care Professionals.

For three decades, Block has been working with vendors to create better pricing programs for eyecare professionals to be competitive with retail chains, noted Block. "Independent eyecare professionals along with our vendor partners are still the heart and soul of the eye care world. Eyewear is a fashionable, stylish accessory that requires expert professionals to not only determine what looks good but also can interpret the newest technologies to make sure that patients acquire eyewear that meets their lifestyle needs. We just need to learn to make sure that our patients and customers understand that we are the best option to assure that they consistently receive the best care and the best results... And ultimately all factors considered the best value for their dollar."

"Today, Block is dedicated to helping their members not only with their purchasing but also improving every aspect of the business of their business. We've developed a new Practice Builders program which includes free online CE, website development services, social media programs, employment services, discounted credit card processing rates, discounts on equipment and equipment leasing as well as preferred rates from Care Credit.”

Further, Block will be bringing practice management workshops hosted by leading industry experts, to its members in cities with high concentrations of Block members.