Bold Face: New York, New York


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It seems like so many celebrities prefer to call the West Coast home. I mean I guess it’s nice if you prefer sun all year round but this week we’re featuring three stars with very proud ties to Bold Face’s beloved Big Apple…

A funny, runaway hit, 2 Broke Girls, set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, follows the life of two waitresses, Max, played by the lovely Kat Dennings, and Caroline, played by Beth Behrs. Dennings’ character is a street smart wise guy and Caroline is the down on her luck rich girl. Dennings sassy attitude makes her seem like a native New Yorker; the Pennsylvanian even had roles in two quintessential NY-based shows early in her career, CSI: NY and the seminal Sex in the City. It seems fitting then that the feisty Dennings would be drawn to a tough detail like studs, as evidenced by the Valentino V102S sunglasses from Marchon she sports in this picture. 2 Broke Girls returns for its second season on CBS in September…

Beyoncé Knowles is not a native New Yorker, People Magazine’s 2012 Most Beautiful Women was in fact born in Texas, but the minute she married Mr. Jay-“I made the Yankee cap more famous than a Yankee can” Z in 2008 her street cred immediately skyrocketed. Just this January the two welcomed their first child, Blue Ivy, at NYC’s Lenox Hill Hospital. The couple has spent the majority of their little bundle of joy’s life camped out in their luxurious Manhattan penthouse apartment, so it is safe to say that baby Blue is bonafide New York royalty. Full time residency in New York meant plenty of Bey spotting for the paparazzi who snapped the happy mom here in the Persol PO0714 sunglasses from Luxottica

Lady Gaga is a New Yorker, born and bred. She got her start playing the gritty clubs of Manhattan’s Lower East Side during high school and now is a worldwide mega star known just as famously for her daring sense of fashion as for her wildly popular music. She loves her home town so much she even wrote a song, “Marry the Night,” on her second album, Born This Way, which pays homage to NYC. Though she makes no bones about where she is from, she isn’t nearly as narrow in her where she gets her fashion. Here she shows off a pair of Thom Browne sunglasses, model TB-013, from the California-based Dita, picked up (along with several other styles) from Los Angeles eyewear retailer Gogosha (shout out!).