Bolle Announces B-Thin Active Design Rx Program

Bollé’s B-Thin-compatible Bolt sunglass.
OVERLAND PARK, Kan.—With the launch of Bollé’s B-Thin Active Design Rx program, nearly all the company’s sunglass models can be fitted with lenses for one of the broadest ranges of prescriptions available from any manufacturer. B-Thin Active Design lenses are made possible by advanced calculations that allow for prescriptions from +6.00 to -8.00D, surpassing the typical +4.00 to -4.00D range available for sport sunglasses.

“For too long, outdoor enthusiasts who require prescription eyewear have been faced with limited choices,” said Dani LaGace, Bolle’s global eyewear director. “B-Thin Active Design Rx lenses use the latest and best technologies to effectively remove one of the most common barriers to finding the right performance sport sunglasses for many people.”

In addition to being suitable for 99 percent of all prescriptions, B-Thin Active Design Rx lenses are designed from prescriptions that are calculated with frame dimensions and the wearer’s facial measurements. They are up to 45 percent lighter and 72 percent thinner than standard lenses, are optimized for fit and comfort and are impact resistant, Bollé said.

The B-Thin Active Design Rx program is result of a partnership between Bollé and Solidar Express Coatings in Largo, Fla.