Boston ECPs Cope With Bombing Tragedy


LensCrafters’ Boylston Street store was adjacent to the site
of the first bomb near the Marathon’s finish line.
Photo from WAVY TV 10, an NBC network affiliate

NEW YORK—The shock and tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings last Monday have left the city and the nation reeling. Even as a large part of the downtown area remained closed yesterday, in some parts of the city, business carried on and optical retailers, ECPs, labs and suppliers in the Boston metro market were in the process of touching base and trying to cope with the impact of it all.

One of the bombs exploded on Boylston Street virtually in front of the LensCrafters store, which saw all of its windows blown out. Luxottica Retail did not provide a statement or comment about the situation other than what it posted to its Facebook page: "We'd like to thank everyone who has asked about our Boston store. All LensCrafters associates and customers are fine. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragic events that occurred yesterday." It is unconfirmed that the store may have been closed due to the Patriot’s Day holiday and the Marathon on Monday.

A spokesperson for VSP said that the company was unaware of any VSP member practices directly impacted by the bombings. Similarly, a spokesperson for Vision Source also said that no Vision Source practices had been directly affected by the blasts.

VMail reached out to several optical retailers in the region and connected on Tuesday to a few in the vicinity. Michele Zuccala, co-owner, South End Eye on Tremont Street, said, "The city has a heavy heart, let's just say that. Our store is very close, it's a couple of miles away. We're closed on Monday, which is good, but one of the doctors was here. I was a spectator [of the marathon] and felt and saw all of it too. You hear lots of stories and chatter, but everyone's good...A lot of close call stories." She added, there was no damage to the store.

Pram Ratan, OD, of Newbury Visions, said, "We're on Newbury Street, so not too far. There were two bombs and we were in between the two bombs. At first we thought it was a celebration, but when the second went off, we knew that it was not. It happened on the street over. It's quiet right now...because of the crime scene area."

Callers to Eyes Over Copley heard automated message: "Thank you for calling Eyes Over Copley. Due to the tragic event during the marathon, we will not be open today."