Briot Debuts Alta Pulse, a Multi-Functional Edger

CUMMING, Ga.—Briot USA’s new Alta Pulse multi-functional edger is the culmination of six years of continuous development and improvement based on market demands. It is designed for the ECP who wants to be able to do more with their edger and work with popular high wrap styles.

Positioned between Briot’s Alta NX and its high volume Alta Pro edger, the Alta Pulse focuses on flexibility, reliability, and stability. Highly accurate and capable of edging all types of lens materials, the Alta Pulse offers superior finishing, drilling, grooving and safety beveling capabilities, according to Briot.

The Alta Pulse’s key features include: variable tilt from 0 to 30 degrees; special bevel for best fit into wrap frames; mini bevel; inclined grooving based on lens curvature; high finishing accuracy: 1/100 mm. The unit can edge high wrap eyewear, has an easy-to-use interface and a small footprint (20.1 inches wide by 24.2 inches deep by 22.4 inches high), and weighs 152 lbs.