Briot USA’s Alta Zd Is Designed for Speed, Precision and Ease



 Briot’s Alta Zd features Sd technology, which enables it to capture frame shapes with the pattern recognition system on Briot’s Alta XLd blocker.
CUMMING, Ga.—Briot USA launched its newest edger, the Alta Zd, at Vision Expo East. Designed to process complex jobs with speed, precision and ease, the Alta Zd’s software and capabilities ensure customized and best aesthetic fit for high wrap frames, complex patterns, and customized lens shapes, according to Briot USA.

Briot reports that the Alta Zd easily adapts to individual requirements, including a partial processing function and the ability to combine a groove together with a V-Bevel. A small finishing wheel allows for elaborate finishing capability while reducing the use of the drill/mill tool.

The combination of a milling tool and small finishing wheel enables a lab tech to create intricate, customized shapes. The multiple tool arm features extraordinary stability and is inclinable for angles between 0 and 30 degrees. The capability to assign individual angles to drill holes makes the mounting of any rimless frame simple without creating tension.

Using Sd (Smart Design) technology, the Alta Zd captures frame shapes with the pattern recognition system on Briot’s Alta XLd blocker. The contour of the shape is captured regardless of the processing being performed by either the finishing wheel, or the drill bit. The frame, digitized in Bezier Shape Data, can be transferred directly to the Alta Zd. The edger automatically determines which tools to use to customize the desired pattern. After finishing the shape, the small finishing wheel is used to make the entire contour smooth and seamless.

The Alta Zd delivers consistent and reliable results with accuracy measuring 1/100th of a millimeter, Briot said.