Costa’s New Rx PAL Widens Field of View

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology


 A tropical view with (l) and without (r) Costa’s C-Scape lens technology.
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.—Costa Del Mar’s Rx division is launching C-Scape, an exclusive progressive sun lens design engineered to accommodate the distance vision needs of water sports and outdoors enthusiasts. The new C-Scape technology widens the field of view from left to right and enhances peripheral vision to create what Costa referred to as, “the clearest Rx sun lens available.”

In addition to increasing distance vision, C-Scape maintains excellent image recognition across the entire lens, according to Costa. There’s no “swimming,” allowing wearers to quickly adapt to their new Rx sunglasses, the company said.

To produce the lens, Costa utilizes its proprietary Waypoint digital processing technology which eliminates the blurry edges that can bother active wearers of wrap sunglasses. The process is computer guided for accuracy, and also incorporates the behavior patterns of the active wearer, the high base curve effect of the wrap lenses and specific frame data. This leads to a wider field of vision and improved clarity and comfort, allowing the lenses to be worn all day without eyestrain and headaches, Costa said.