Digital Eye Lab Expands Operations

HAWTHORNE, N.Y.—Digital Eye Lab, the five-year-old prescription lab division of contact lens wholesaler Optical Distributor Group, has significantly expanded its production capabilities. The lab recently added a third line of Satisloh digital surfacing equipment, as well as an automated conveyor system.

The new equipment has enabled Digital Eye Lab to step up production to nearly 900 Rx jobs per day, according to managing director Scott Pearl, who noted that he is planning to install a fourth surfacing line early next year. It has also improved the speed and efficiency of the workflow. “We now offer overnight turnaround on most jobs, even AR-coated progressives,” said Pearl.

Digital Eye Lab, which only produces digitally surfaced backside lenses, has also expanded its menu of lens designs. “We use lens designs from six different suppliers, including Shamir, Indo, Seiko and our own Digital 5.0 brand,” said Pearl. “It’s a nice blend of products.” The lab also produces anti-reflective coating under its own ClarisHD brand.

To complement Digital Eye Lab’s product line, Optical Distributor Group has added an extensive range of stock lenses which it sells through its Spectacle Lens Supply division.

 Scott Pearl with the lab’s new Satisloh Duo-Flex polisher.
 An AR technician gets ready to coat a batch of lenses.
 A stack of job trays carries lenses to a National Optronics ES-4 industrial edger.
 Digital Eye Lab’s recent expansion included the installation of a Satisloh VFT-Orbit surface generator (l) and an automated conveyor system (r).