Hollywood Starlets and Overachieving ODs Stand Out on VisionMonday.com


NEW YORK—Nothing is guaranteed to make Bold Face feel old and unaccomplished faster than a fresh new crop of young Hollywood starlets.

While BF wallows in her advancing age and apparent underachievement, enjoy these PYTs (Pretty Young Things) and their fashionable frames from Marchon, Westward Leanings and Luxottica in VM’s latest edition of Bold Face

On a more serious note, the Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO) honored three Artists of Philanthropy for their support at its Circle of Vision Luncheon held in Fullerton earlier this month. Read how honorees Lynn C. Gabriel, OD; Joseph C. Mallinger, OD, MBA; and Michael R. Sellers, OD, gave their time and financial support to SCCO in the latest installment of A Greater Vision.