Hoya Focuses on Patient Retention Issues at Its National Sales Meeting



 Barney Dougher addresses the Hoya sales force during a general session on “closing the gap.”
By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

NEW ORLEANS—Citing a gap between the number of eye exams performed at independent optometric practices and the amount of eyewear the practices sell, executives from Hoya Vision Care, North America introduced new lens technology and measurement systems at their recent national sales meeting they said could help rectify the situation.

“Independent optometrists perform 70 percent of all eye exams, yet only dispense 50 percent of the eyewear,” Barney Dougher, president of Hoya Vision Care, North America, told attendees at the meeting, held here in January. “Our mission this year is to help our customers with products and services to close the retention gap.”

“The data doesn’t lie, shocking!” remarked Dougher. Hoya’s internal focus groups consisting of patients and ECPs found that patients generally do not understand optical jargon and do not know there is a difference in lenses or lens technology. However, Hoya found that patients would consider purchasing certain lens product if the lens technology were explained to them.

In light of these findings, Hoya used the meeting to educate its sales force about the technological advantages of Hoya lenses and how they can be used to close the gap between independent ECPs and their patients. The sales force spent time reviewing iD MyStyle personalized lenses as well as the Spectangle app, an affordable and flexible patient measurement system.

The education-intensive, three-day event featured guest speakers, classes and small group breakout sessions. Thomas Gosling, OD hosted a session on Sync, one of the lenses in Hoya’s New Media Optics family. Sync offers a solution for pre-presbyopic patients suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain. ■