ImageWear Debuts London Fog Men’s Collection

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

MINNEAPOLIS—The new London Fog Men’s Collection from ImageWear offers affordable luxury with a classic metropolitan appeal.

“The London Fog collection is perfect for men who want to look smart, sophisticated and stylish at a comfortable price point,” said Belinda Bellows, director of product development at ImageWear. “The London Fog man has a well-defined self-image, demonstrating success through his lifestyle. The London Fog collection fills a crucial void with the perfect combination of aspirational, attainable and functional design; three driving factors that influence purchasing.”

According to ImageWear, the London Fog brand has a 90 percent consumer recognition factor and is positioned as affordable luxury. The London Fog Men’s eyewear collection, targeted toward men 25 to 45, is launching with six styles in warm metal colors as well as rich tortoise zyl with updated design elements from the past and present, including a subtle plaid element.

ImageWear also already offers the London Fog Women’s collection, launched in 2012. Available P.O.P. included a 3-tiered display unit and counter card.

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