By: Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor


Most designers understand that it is the details that set them apart from others because it is the details that distinguish style from fashion.

WHAT: A frame front and two temples do not always allow for utmost in variety when it comes to design. Nonetheless, many eyewear designers this season are proving that true style is all in the details.

WEAR: (Clockwise from top left) Avid skateboarders will immediately recognize the standout feature of the Converse On Your Mark sunglasses from REM, the boldly hued grip tape that blankets the frames front and runs down the wide temples. Know someone who hates to wear sunglasses because they cover up their snazzy facial piercings? Or perhaps the idea of permanent facial jewelry is just as terrifying as intriguing? Well the Diesel DL0048 from Marcolin has those people covered thanks to the multiple piercings that appear or disappear every time they put on or take off these sunglasses. The ÖGA Vitra 2 frame (style 7080Ö) from Morel features a stainless steel front and laminate stamina wood veneers with a transparent piece polycarbonate that is compressed between the wood for a stained glass effect. Marc Jacobs is all about the details. For Spring 2013 he is offering a bold, oversized butterfly shaped sunglass, the MJ456/S from Safilo, paired with polka dots and a detachable flower ornament on one temple. The Dolce&Gabbana DG4167 sunglasses, part of the brand’s Sicilian Baroque collection from Luxottica, take glamorous excess to another level with the addition of gilded roses and unfurling foliage trim details along the endpieces and temples.

WHY: In the last few years we have seen an increased focus on personal style and self-expression. Additionally, many consumers have begun to truly embrace eyewear as another fashion accessory once again. Just like a peaked lapel, four-in-hand knot or choice of jewelry provides clues to an individual’s sense of style, so too does the attention to detail exhibited in their eyewear choices. Truly stylish people look for truly stylish eyewear and true style is found in the details.