Indizen Optical Technologies Signs Free-form Technology License Agreement With Carl Zeiss Vision

SAN DIEGO— Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT), a free-form lens design company based in Madrid, Spain, has entered into a royalty-bearing license agreement with Carl Zeiss Vision under Carl Zeiss Vision International’s U.S. Patent No. 6,089,713 and Australian Patent No. 739,849.

The agreement covers certain types of back-surface, free-form progressive lenses and processes by which they are made. These include types of progressive lenses whose front surfaces are rotationally symmetric with the back-surface progressive design determined by the individual prescriptions alone or in combination with other customization options.

“When this patented technology was invented by two Carl Zeiss scientists, Adalbert Hanssen and Dr. Albrecht Hof, we soon realized that it would play an important role in our future manufacturing and lens developments,” said Joe Donahoe, Carl Zeiss Vision’s president, North America. “We’re pleased to have IOT as a licensee, and we’re proud that our patented technology is helping to move the industry forward.”

The IOT agreement marks the latest in a series of license agreements between Carl Zeiss Vision and major lens designers, manufacturers, laboratories and optical retailers, including Hoya Vision Care, Essilor and Vision-Ease Lens.