Innovega Receives Notice of Allowance for its Foundational Patent

SEATTLE, Wash.— Innovega Inc., a developer of compact, contact lens-enabled displays, announced that it received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its foundation patent that describes a contact lens that not only improves one's normal vision but also provides instant access to a wearer's digital media. The patent covers contact lens systems and intra-ocular lens technologies.

"Consumers continue to be frustrated by small smartphone and portable gaming screens," stated Steve Willey, CEO. "They are hungry for big mobile media experiences' that include immersive VR (Virtual Reality) gaming, wide-screen videos, full field-of-view AR (Augmented Reality) and new applications that can only be delivered with the large screens that are incorporated into Innovega's compact eyewear. Allowance of this landmark patent gives us even greater confidence that we can own an important piece of the quickly emerging wearable computing space. It adds to our core intellectual property portfolio that includes three previously granted patents, five additional filed patents, along with our iOptik trademark."

Click here to view a YouTube video that describes how the Innovega system works and includes live, through-the-(contact)-lens footage.