Jim La Luzerne Retires From Essilor

DALLAS—Optical laboratory veteran Jim La Luzerne has retired from Essilor of America after serving for 12 years in a variety of management roles.

Prior to joining Essilor, La Luzerne served as president and CEO of WOS Optical, a wholesale lab in Green Bay, Wis., where he started working during his high school and college days. While president and CEO of WOS Optical, La Luzerne also served as president and CEO of Global Optics and president of the Optical Laboratories Association.

In 1996, WOS Optical was purchased by Essilor of America and La Luzerne assumed the role of president, Essilor Laboratories of America. He later served as vice president, e-business development including the early development of VisionWeb, which was then followed by his role as president of Optifacts.

In 2005, La Luzerne was inducted into the Optical Laboratories Hall of Fame.