Jobson and FittingBox Enter Into Strategic Partnership

NEW YORK and PARIS— Jobson Healthcare Information and FittingBox, a leader in interactive solutions for the eyewear industry, announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement "designed to bring the best digital services to the eyecare industry." Through this long-term strategic partnership, Jobson will become an authorized sales agent to promote, sell and distribute FittingBox virtual try-on (VTO) solutions in North America.

FittingBox VTO solutions offer an advanced, realistic try-on experience through the use of cutting-edge and proprietary virtual reality technology. Users are able to view their image on-screen in real-time at virtually any angle, providing a unique experience that can improve sales and strengthen brand loyalty. "We’re very excited about bringing this technology to our clients," said Tom Lamond, EVP at Jobson. "Realistic virtual try-on, like the augmented reality developed by FittingBox, can turn casual browsers into actual buyers and increase sales, both online and off."

Also as part of the partnership agreement, Jobson’s Frames Data Group will become the principal photography supplier for FittingBox USA and Canadian clients, saving time and money, as well as eliminating the logistics of shipping product internationally for digital imaging.

According to Benjamin Hakoun, CEO of FittingBox, "We’re very pleased to work with Frames Data to simplify the process for our customers, while ensuring the highest level of quality and service. The partnership with Jobson will help bring FittingBox advanced imaging technology to a much broader audience and vastly improve the customer experience."

Frames Data’s studios in New York will implement the FittingBox StudioBox system, an innovative all-in-one, in-house photography studio (hardware and software) designed by FittingBox. This technology enables the creation of front and three-quarter angle product views with accurate frame positioning and added-value services such as 360-degree interactive views. Together, the two companies will create the world’s largest database of 360-degree views of eyewear frames to showcase products in digital environments and help increase eyewear sales across all channels, executives said.

Commenting on the new sales and operational relationship, Marc Ferrara, CEO of Jobson’s Information Services group, said "Our clients expect us to bring them innovative ideas to help grow their businesses. FittingBox technology is a quantum leap forward in the way that customers interact with products online, and we’re delighted to work with the FittingBox team to help advance the industry."

Created in 2006, FittingBox provides digital content and interactive solutions for the eyewear industry and provides interactive solutions for more than 900 clients around the world, including eyewear brands, leading optical retailers, e-business websites and opticians. A multi-award winning company in France and Europe, FittingBox has a portfolio of patented technologies in virtual try on (augmented reality), 3D compression and face detection. It operates an R&D lab in the south of France and a sales department in Paris. Co-founded by Hakoun, CEO, and Ariel Choukroun, CTO, FittingBox currently employs over 40 people at two locations.

More information about the partnership is available from FittingBox's Philippa Pignat at or +33 6 10 22 87 36 and also from Jobson's Tom Lamond at or (212) 219-7804.