Johnson & Johnson Offers Definity PAL in Polarized


ROANOKE, Va.--The Spectacle Lens Group of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is releasing a polarized version of its Definity progressive lens. Made with NuPolar technology from Younger Optics, polarized Definity lenses will help to minimize glare while maximizing comfort, according to Johnson & Johnson.

Definity polarized lenses in 1.50 lens material will be available first in gray, beginning on March 1, and brown shortly after. Both will provide ultraviolet and glare protection. Polarized Definity lenses will feature a prescription range of +4.00D to -10.00D in sphere and up to a -4.00D in cylinder. This expanded availability will allow presbyopes to see more clearly with the widest intermediate zone of any progressive lens on the market and provide protection against vision-impairing glare, according to Johnson & Johnson.

"The Dual Add design of Definity lenses, coupled with the glare-reducing power of polarization, creates a breakthrough solution for presbyopes who want not only a wider field of view, but also a more comfortable view without reflective glare," said Robert Hall, licensed optician with The Spectacle Lens Group. According to Hall, the most significant benefit of the new polarized availability goes beyond comfort and lifestyle needs.  "While glare can make fun activities uncomfortable, more importantly it can also be dangerous, like in the case of driving a car," he said. "Light reflected off of another vehicle or an asphalt road can be so bright that it can interfere with safe driving. Polarized lenses are the best way to correct this kind of glare."

In addition to blinding glare reflected off of roads and cars, polarized lenses also protect wearers from glare reflected off of other bright, flat surfaces like water, sand and snow, plus they help protect against UV rays.

The polarized offering will complete the full range of Definity lens sunwear products, which includes availability in the latest photochromic technology from Transitions Optical, Inc.--Transitions V Lenses with ESP in polycarbonate--and a variety of sun tints.

"Because protection from the sun's harmful rays is so important for healthy vision, we are proud to offer patients all of the latest available forms of UV protection in Definity lenses," said Venki Iyer, product manager, The Spectacle Lens Group.  "From the recent expansion into sun tints, to the new addition of polarized lenses and Transitions V with ESP, we now have a full range of choices for sunwear protection."

Definity lenses in polarized form will be available to eye care professionals directly from The Spectacle Lens Group's manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Va., through online ordering services Eyefinity and VisionWeb, and through two new wholesale lab partners, Luzerne Optical Laboratories and Robertson Optical Laboratories.