Just How Much Eyewear Is Being Sold Online?

The growth of online eyewear retailing continues to be a hot topic both for the new e-entrants and traditional eyewear providers alike. Last month’s cover story was devoted to the Brick & Click issue and the ever growing impact of e-tailers. While online eyewear sales still represent a relatively small percentage of the total amount being sold, statistics show that this method of distribution continues to grow.

According to the 2011 Vision Council Internet Influence Report, the percentage of all categories of eyewear products sold online increased from 2010 to 2011. After declining slightly in 2010, the number of consumers utilizing the Internet when shopping for eyewear increased in 2011 and returned to the trend observed from 2007 to 2009, the report stated. This increase in usage was attributable to the heightened use of the Internet for various “window shopping functions.” In short, consumers’ use of the internet in some way to prepare, research or facilitate their purchase of eyewear in any location is also on the upswing.

Go to the Online Trends category on VisionMonday.com to view charts comparing the amount of Rx eyeglasses, plano sunglasses, over-the-counter readers and contact lenses directly purchased online with the total amount of those same products purchased through all outlets. And stay tuned to VisionMonday.com as we continue to monitor the purchase of eyewear online and the e-tailers riding the wave of this new trend.