Revamp and Promote

“We offer online ordering and have been doing so for the last six years,” said Shelley Skaggs, co-director of marketing. “Today it is being used by several hundred accounts and 3 percent of all our orders come from our website but we consider this a small amount of growth, and we have not really promoted it.

“We are currently working on a total rewrite of our Order Entry online and with the future release of our updated site, which should be completed in spring of 2012; once its ready we will promote it to customers through our sales force.”

To help shape the new site, Kenmark relied on user input. “We are constantly getting feedback from our customers and sales force and we have used this feedback to help us with the future release of our revamped Order Entry portal. We have found that online ordering has made our business more efficient because it allows us to offer faster turnaround times, eliminates data entry errors and provides a display for accounts to monitor inventory levels on desired frames. Our customers have really come to rely on the site’s ease of use.”

In addition to the updated Online Entry option slated to release in 2012, Kenmark will also provide frame pricing and purchase history for accounts in the new roll out, Skaggs said.