L’Amy America Bows Columbia PFG Sun Collection With Zeiss

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

WILTON, Conn.—L’Amy America has announced the worldwide launch of the Columbia PFG sunglass collection featuring Zeiss Optics. This high-performance, polarized collection will target the serious salt and fresh-water angler and be offered for sale in both the optical and sport channels.

The PFG sunglass collection represents the collaborative effort of leading sport optical and sunglass experts who have brought a new and exclusive polarized technology to market, wrapped in innovative, proprietary frames.

“The PFG consumer expects high-functionality and perfect performance when it comes to gear, and eyewear is no exception,” said Connie Reiss, L’Amy America business unit manager. “Angling enthusiasts and fishing pros alike expect zero glare distractions and crystalline vision to see through the water for many hours at a time.”

The collection features eight models and 35 skus with seven different lenses providing a full spectrum of tints and mirrors for all water sport performance. Models range from modern and sleek, to heritage designs; while the creation of the PFG-Zeiss Optics lens utilizes Zeiss’ patented technologies resulting in the Pro-Shield oleo-hydro permanent, protective barrier.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$-$$$$