Luxottica Fetes Bulgari Le Gemme at Ilori

NEW YORK—In celebration of the launch of Bulgari’s newest eyewear collection, Le Gemme, Luxottica hosted an event on Oct. 4.

Held at the flagship Ilori store in Soho, guests included Fabiola Beracasa, Rachel Chandler, Tom Guinness, Jessica Joffee, Mazdack Rassi, Johnny Misheff and Aleksandra Woroniecka, who joined Robert McCoy, VP and general manager of luxury retail for Luxottica, Dayana Grassi, licenses associate manager for Bulgari and guest of honor Kirsten Dunst.

For the event, the boutique was transformed into a garden setting, with jewelry and eyewear from the Le Gemme collection displayed among the flowers, greenery and vines. 

Luxottica’s Rob McCoy (r), VP, luxury retail, with Bulgari’s Dayana Grassi (l), associate manager, licenses. (L) Reade Fahs, CEO and president of National Vision, with the evening’s guest of honor, actress Kirsten Dunst. Socialite Fabiola Beracasa in a frame from the Le Gemme collection. Kirsten Dunst looks over the latest Bulgari collection.