On The Edge

Luxottica first launched in 2006 and a company spokesperson said, “It has proven to be a very valuable tool that can be used by our customers to view product assortments, real time inventory, check the status of orders, view purchase and retail prices, and of course, place orders. Customers love to have the option of being able to order online 24/7 and it is a great alternative to phone ordering.”

Luxottica also noted that “a growing percentage” of its customers are now actively using and that its B2B usage has continued to grow each year.

In addition, the company said it is continually evaluating B2B, based on customer feedback and requests for additional features. “Online enthusiasts are finding B2B to be a real asset to their business. Online ordering helps keep customers on the edge of the newest trends. With B2B, they can easily check out new products on a regular basis. It keeps them updated on optical fashion trends and keeps them informed of what’s going on in the industry.” Further, B2B has encouraged Luxottica’s accounts to order more efficiently by keeping best sellers on the board.

Luxottica also pointed out that B2B online features also provides ECPs with the ability to provide their customers with up-to-the minute news and trends with confidence. “Many find it a valuable resource for providing immediate answers on available sizes, colors and prices. They love having customers look through the collections right on their laptops—especially the sunglasses.”

As one customer puts it, ‘I push a button and it’s ordered.’ In addition, says another, “being able to show a client the retail price of an item on-line makes me look more professional. It adds credibility and reaffirms the integrity of our business.”