Luxottica Launches ‘Eco-Friendly’ Stella McCartney Optical Collection

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

Style SM 2004 from the new Stella McCartney optical range from Luxottica.
 Models in the new optical range at the designer’s pre-Fall 2013 presentation.
 Stella McCartney (r) with Vogue editer-in-chief, Anna Wintour (l), at the presentation.
NEW YORK—Luxottica has unveiled the first Stella McCartney collection of optical eyewear. Drawing inspiration from the designer’s signature balance of masculine and feminine, the collection introduces contemporary styles that embrace the eco-friendly philosophy of the brand.

The sustainable optical collection features the same bio-acetate used in the eco-friendly sunglasses range, which are made of 54 percent natural sources, and launched in 2011. The product’s formula combines cellulose, which is renewable and biodegradable, together with natural plasticizers, which differ from DEP (Diethyl Phthalate), and is derived from citric acid, a natural substance obtained through fermentation.

“If you can’t make something look the way you want it to, in the materials that you want to use, then you either change the material or change the design,” McCartney told Vision Monday. “When it comes to sustainability, we just work around the material. There are situations where we perhaps can’t illustrate our branding quite so easily, but at the end of the day it’s really just about being ahead in designing in the actual material that you use. There are always limitations, there are always things you can’t do, and you just work around them.”

The line features five styles in key shapes referencing a warm color palette of burgundy, taupe, black, teal and light and spotty versions of tortoise. The subtle, yet recognizable step temple, a signature from the brand’s sun collection, is amped up with gold, silver and tonal accents fusing the new optical styles with the existing range of conventional sunglasses, which launched in 2003.

“We decided to do optical now because more and more it has become part of the world of eyewear and I don’t see them as so separated anymore. They have become more of one language,” added McCartney. “I think that more and more you are allowed to have a vision of optical that is a bit more standout. I think for me it’s about finding the balance between the classic pieces and giving them a twist; and also, trying to work with more interesting materials and creating our own color ways and language there.”

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