Old Site, New Tricks

“We started our MVP website in 2002, which even at that time allowed for online ordering but Marchon’s first true B2B site was launched in 1995,” said Donna Rollins, vice president of creative services. “We were the first frame company in the industry to have a site but in 1995 it was ‘brochureware’ (a non-interactive, reiteration of existing printed materials).”

“MVP’s online ordering has increased our efficiency because it allows accounts to place orders 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Though, we still post catalogs and price lists, they are typically available in advance of any printed materials. The B2B site also allows us to ‘tease’ our accounts with any current promotions and/or programs we’re running.

“The majority of frame orders we receive are still placed by our sales reps using their own website, but the breakdown of the rest of the orders come by phone, directly from the MVP website, fax, Eyefinity and other online portals. About 25 percent of our accounts now use the MVP website regularly, though,” she added.

Those numbers are compelling and are most likely going to increase even more; in November Marchon rolled out an updated, sleeker site. “The MVP site update was primarily to enhance the navigation and to give it the look and feel of a more consumer site,” concluded Rollins.