MeiSystem Debuts Versatile Lens Marker


The EZ Marker from MeiSystems can produce both visible and invisible lens markings.
ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill.—MeiSystem is introducing EZ Marker, a versatile lens marking machine that can be integrated into the generating/surfacing line. The unit is capable of producing both invisible marks and visible marks such as logos or writing, allowing for maximum return on investment.

A C02 Laser source allows the control of the output power with a resolution of 0.001w. This assures high engraving stability in all conditions and with all kinds of materials. The machine has a back curve detection system measuring the back surface in all engraving spots. With this data, the engraving program is able to calculate the lens curvature and the lens thickness. This device can perform the engraving without getting the surfacing map information from the generator.

The lens holder is moved by a four-axis system able reach all engraving positions quickly and precisely. Using the data from the back surface detection system, the device is able to maintain the engraving area perpendicular to the engraving beam and to maintain the perfect focal point in all engraving positions.

The machine can be easily converted for the engraving of visible brand names or logos to be done on the front surface of the lens. The lens holder is already prepared for standard surfacing blocks or for standard edging blocks.

While front engraving is selected another detection system is installed to measure the front curve position and calculate all engraving angles and focal distances.

The machine interface is 100 percent OMA compatible, has a powerful, user-friendly editor for importing and designing logos, and a fully automatic loading and unloading system is available.