Moscot Extends Its Charitable Arm to The Boys Club of New York

 Dr. Puja Desai performs a 3-D test on Boys Club member Danneuris Infante.
NEW YORK—The Moscot Mobileyes Foundation, the charitable arm of the iconic eyewear retailer based in downtown Manhattan, made its quarterly visit last month to The Boys Club of New York (BCNY), a nonprofit organization that provides free services to children in need of after school care at various locations throughout the city.

The Mobileyes clinics aim to eliminate barriers to quality eyecare for boys in need. At the recent visits to two BCNY locations, the Mobileyes Team, composed of Moscot optometrists, patient coordinators and opticians, examined 30 children and dispensed 20 pairs of eyeglasses to BCNY children, many of whom experienced corrected vision for the first time in their lives.

“We are beyond grateful to The Boys’ Club for their ongoing efforts in support of our team’s quest to change lives through corrected vision,” said Moscot Mobileyes team member Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh, who attended both clinics. “A single pair of prescription eyeglasses has enabled hundreds of children to finally reach their fullest academic potential, changing their lives forever.”