New Research Report Illustrates ‘Managed Vision Care Patient Experience’

NEW YORK—What are the key drivers of the consumer’s experience with his or her vision plan? How did their vision plan customer service satisfaction measure up? A new report, just released by focalCenter and Jobson Optical Research studies those issues, and explores the entire vision plan experience in depth.

The new Managed Vision Care Patient Experience Report is an online-based study that was fielded through January 2013, surveying over 20,000 respondents. In this study, the questionnaire utilized focalCenter’s peer reviewed research that identified touch points of the vision plan patient experience through input from major stakeholders: consumers/patients, ECPs and vision plan experts. The questionnaire used in the study was validated through multiple qualitative and quantitative survey science methodologies including rounds of extensive field testing and statistical analysis. The report identifies and measures 21 key drivers or factors of the vision plan patient experience, focalCenter’s Ron Krefman, OD explained. The report includes results on each of those key drivers as well as indexes of consumer sentiment.

Each of these measures and ratings are reported for the industry in aggregate and for each of 15 plans identified by 50 or more consumers: Aetna, Anthem, Avesis, Cigna, Davis, EyeMed, Humana, Kaiser, NVA, Spectera, Superior, Tricare, VA, VBA and VSP.

With 200 pages of information, this report profiles vision plan consumers nationwide, and identifies differences in demographics among the various plans. Data are presented differentiating plan types, describing plan utilization, sorting out-of-pocket costs, and reporting consumer’s perceptions of vision plan importance. A top-line report and a detailed report are available; ordering information is posted at the Jobson Optical Research website or from Jennifer Zupnick at