OLA Releases 2008 Progressive Identifier Book

FAIRFAX, Va.--The Optical Laboratories Association (OLA) has released the 2008 edition of the OLA Progressive Identifier, the industry-standard guide to the identifying marks engraved on progressive addition lenses. Copies of the new edition are being shipped to OLA member labs.

The 2008 edition contains diagrams for 456 lenses distributed in the U.S. and Canada, showing the markings that identify the lens supplier, the lens name, and the lens material. The diagrams include the relative position of the fitting cross, as well as the lens suppliers’ recommended minimum fitting height.

The Identifier also contains six indexes, three of which are brand new for 2008. The indexes list the lenses according to: identifying symbols, lens supplier name, minimum recommended height, lens name, extended range of add power, and variable focus designs. The last three lists--newly added for 2008--make it easier to identify lenses, as well as to select appropriate lenses.

OLA distributes over 25,000 copies of the Progressive Identifier every year. OLA member labs are the customary distribution channel for the book; inquiries to OLA are typically referred to “your OLA member lab.” The online directory of OLA member labs is at www.ola-labs.org, at the Member Lab Directory link. Copies are also available directly from OLA, by calling (800) 477-5652.