OneSight Marks 25th Anniversary With Industry Leaders And Kick Off of New Schools Program


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NEW YORK—Top industry leaders recently came together here to unite efforts with OneSight, a global vision care nonprofit, to help millions more in need. Since 1988, OneSight has given the gift of sight to more than 8.4 million people in 40 countries and is leading solutions to provide sustainable access to quality vision care and eyewear in underserved communities worldwide.

Luxottica, the founding global sponsor of OneSight, hosted the event in honor of the nonprofit’s 25th Anniversary to update industry leaders on OneSight’s growing scope of charitable work and to recognize their participation. Andrea Dorigo, president of Luxottica USA and Mark Weikel, president and CEO of Luxottica Retail Optical North America, co-chaired the event at the New York Public Library.

“We believe by coming together as an optical industry we can solve the global vision crisis for 563 million people worldwide whose sight could be restored with an eye exam and pair of glasses,” said Dr. Jason Singh, OD, OneSight’s executive director. “There are so many good causes and, as the optical industry, this is ours. The solutions are within our reach and together we can change lives for millions more in need.”

During the event, OneSight announced plans to partner with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) / NYC Community Learning Schools Initiative to create OneSight Vision Centers in two NYC public schools in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The expansion is based on the success of the OneSight Vision Center at Oyler School, a new sustainable school-based vision care model launched last fall by a group of public-private partners in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“In the first six months, the OneSight Vision Center at Oyler School has seen 1,200 students and 68 percent needed vision correction,” said Singh. “We believe all students deserve to see their future and we’re pleased to be working with the UFT and NYC Community Learning Schools Initiative to expand this sustainable school-based model to New York City where 80 percent of students in the public school district are on Medicaid or are homeless.”

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OneSight NYC Event »

OneSight Annual Fund Co-Chairs, Andrea Dorigo, president, Luxottica USA and Mark Weikel, president and CEO, Luxottica Retail Optical N.A.

OneSight NYC Event »

(L to R) Luxottica USA’s Dorigo with Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO, Partnership for New York City, with Luxottica Retail’s Weikel, Dr. Jason Singh, O.D. OneSight executive director and Michael Mulgrew, president, NYC United Federation of Teachers.

OneSight NYC Event »

Dr. Jason Singh, O.D. (OneSight Executive Director), Marty Markowitz (Brooklyn Borough President).

OneSight NYC Event »

Luxottica’s Dorigo, Weikel and Singh with Ellie Engler, NYC United Federation of Teachers Staff Director, Karen Alford, UFT Vice President, Elementary Schools and Markowitz.

OneSight NYC Event »

From left, OneSight’s Dr. Singh with Carlo Privitera, COO, Luxottica Retail Business Services N.A., Linda and Ken Lanci founder, Consolidated Graphics, Liz DiGiandomenico, president, EyeMed Vision Care and Ron and Marni Meredith, Consolidated Graphics.