Optical Women’s Association Names Smith to Board

 Heather Smith
NEW YORK—The Optical Women’s Association (OWA) has named Heather Smith of VisionWeb as its newest board member, according to an announcement from the organization.

“We are delighted to welcome Heather to a position on the OWA board. Since joining as a member, Heather has been actively volunteering and sharing her time and talent. She’s a consummate professional and brings a fresh perspective, great energy and enthusiasm to the OWA committee projects,” said Ann E. Englert, OWA president.

A member of the OWA, Smith has served on both the OWA programs committee and the sub-committee responsible for OWA Webinars. Smith joined VisionWeb six years ago as a marketing coordinator on a three-member marketing team. That was the start of her career in the optical industry. Prior to joining VisionWeb, she worked for an Austin-based publishing company.