Opticians Association of America Earns $5,724 in Royalties from VisionWeb Orders

AUSTIN, Texas— VisionWeb has announced that the Opticians Association of America (OAA) and its affiliated state associations will receive a royalty payment of $5,724.22 for eyecare product orders placed by their members on VisionWeb over the last 12 months. This is the third year that VisionWeb will pay royalties to the OAA for orders placed by its members to over 400 connected suppliers who are part of the VisionWeb supplier network.

In order to participate, OAA members must enroll their practice in the program to earn royalties from ordering ophthalmic products over VisionWeb during the annual April-March earning period. After the practice hits an order volume threshold, it becomes qualified to earn royalties on the transaction fee paid to VisionWeb by the suppliers receiving the orders.

This year, 552 accounts from 20 affiliated state associations enrolled to earn royalties, a 28 percent increase from last year. VisionWeb has also recognized the New Hampshire Opticians Society with a check for $1,500 and the title of “VisionWeb OAA State Association of the Year” for having a 36 percent increase of members enrolled in the program.

“Through the VisionWeb OAA Royalty Program we are able to recognize and reward opticians for adopting technology and services that drive efficiency in the practice,” said Chris Rice, director of sales for VisionWeb. “Opticians are an important part of the VisionWeb community and the eyecare industry as a whole. We’re happy to be able to support the OAA and the state associations that are committed to embracing technology and professional development of their members.”