OWA’s New Member Sponsorship Now Open for Applications

DALLAS—The Optical Women’s Association (OWA) has launched a new program to help women who might be interested in joining but can’t afford the annual dues.

The OWA New Member Sponsorship program sponsors a woman's membership in the OWA by paying her dues for one year. Individual membership fees are $125; if more than one person from an organization is a member of OWA, the membership fee is $95 per member.

Selected recipients would be expected to volunteer on one of the OWA committees and become an active member of that committee, a spokesperson said. Sponsorships are awarded based on need, willingness to participate in the organization, and availability of OWA funds and will be determined by the OWA board. A limited number of sponsorships will be made available each year. Previous recipients are eligible to reapply.

Those interested in the member sponsorship can apply by filling out an application in the OWA site’s membership tab online and answer such questions as: How would being a member of the OWA help you in your career? And, what is your area of expertise and how might you share your knowledge and talents with other women in the OWA?

Applications will be confirmed via email. Recipients will be notified by Dec. 31, and their year membership in the OWA will begin Jan. 1, 2014. Deadline for the 2014 New Member Sponsorship is Nov. 1, 2013.

The Optical Women’s Association is a non-profit organization founded in September 1997 with the mission of supporting and promoting the professional development of women in the optical industry. Other projects and programs include the networking events at both Vision Expo East and West; and the annual Pleiades award, which recognizes and honors individuals who have made a significant difference for women in the optical industry.