PBA Offers Information on Keeping Eyes Safe at Work for Workplace Eye Wellness Month

CHICAGO—In correlation with Workplace Eye Wellness Month, designated each March, Prevent Blindness America (PBA) is offering employers free information on eye safety in the workplace. The information includes office-ready presentations and tips on keeping eyes healthy at work, with particular focus on lessening and preventing eyestrain as a result of computer, smartphone and tablet use.

According to PBA, the reliance on technological devices in daily life has increased the risk of eyestrain, with effects continuing to rise. The organization references the AOA-defined Computer Vision Syndrome, a condition which refers to eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use.

Suggestions from PBA on how to maintain eye health and comfort at work include placing screens 20 to 26 inches away from the eyes, using a document holder next to computer screens and adjusting lighting to lessen glare and reflections. Additionally offered is the Healthy Eyes Educational Series, a series of downloadable modules which contain presentation guides and corresponding PowerPoint presentations on a variety of eye health topics to be conducted in an office setting.

“We want to help to remind employees and employers of the benefits of taking care of our eyesight,” said Hugh R. Parry, PBA president and CEO. “By keeping our eyes healthy, we can become more productive and save on health care costs.”

For more information on workplace eye wellness, visit preventblindness.org/computers-and-your-eyes. To sign up for the Healthy Eyes Educational Series, visit preventblindness.org or call PBA at (800) 331-2020.