PPG Launches Tribrid Lenses in North America

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Ttechnology

Introducing Trivex at a Vision Expo press conference last month are (l to r), Connie Achman, X-Cel Optical, Christine Camsuzou of PPG Industries and Wirach Pracharktam of Thai Optical Group.
NEW YORK—PPG Industries, Thai Optical Group and X-Cel Optical Company announced the North American launch of Tribrid lenses during a news conference held here last month at International Vision Expo East.

Tribrid lenses were developed by PPG’s optical products business using a hybrid approach merging elements of the chemistry for Trivex lens material with traditional high-index lens chemistry. The result is a high-index lens that provides the patient with a superior combination of performance benefits, according to Christine Camsuzou, PPG general manager, optical materials.

Suited to patients with higher prescriptions within the +/-3.00 to +/-7.00 diopters range, Tribrid material features optical clarity (Abbe number 41), lightweight comfort (density1.23 grams per cubic centimeter), thinness (refractive index 1.60), impact resistance (withstands more than 160 times the energy of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration drop ball test) and protection (100 percent protection from ultraviolet radiation [UV]).

Tribrid lenses will be available this summer from X-Cel Optical in semi-finished single vision clear and Transitions lenses. Tribrid lenses are compatible with digital, free-form processing and anti-reflective coatings.