Readers and Tweeters Chime In on Exclusive Infographic

VM and VisionWeb collaborated last month to present our second infographic, The Fourth O. Admittedly more playful than the last (July’s The XX Factor, depicting statistics of women in the optical workforce), our second venture was no less informative. Belting it into the wind, we hoped to expose exactly who (or what) has been walking (or flying) into shops, practices and dispensaries around the country. What we found was that many opticians, ODs and other optical ‘bird watchers’ were aware of the species in our study. The ever-present ecosystem of optical customers has been around for quite some time—and they’re not going extinct anytime soon. After branching out on Twitter and Facebook, dozens of optical ornithologists looked out from behind their binoculars to tell us what they thought. Here is a roundup of reactions to The Fourth O: An Ornithological Field Guide to the Optical Customer.