All the Bells & Whistles

“We just launched our new online ordering system on Nov. 8 which allows customers to not only order anything from our catalog, but also quickly reorder frames using the rapid reordering feature, as well as order directly from a personalized list of favorite REM products,” said Kevin Hundert, manager of new business development.

“In the past, our site was just the catalog since we didn’t have any online order capabilities. Many customers just viewed our top selling products and downloaded PDF catalogs. With the new site, we took that to a whole new level with our Catalog on Demand feature. It allows our customers to create customized PDF catalogs; they can add one frame from our Converse collection, five from our Lipstick collection, and then the entire Jones New York Women’s Collection and with the click of a button create a downloadable PDF catalog with their personalized selection of frames,” he added.

“We’ve added a fantastic new advanced search feature that allows our customers to search our entire catalog by name or drill down by color, gender, material, age group and more. It’s a great way to shop if you know exactly what you’re looking for, but don’t know which REM products meet your exact criteria. The variety of different options for online ordering we now offer makes the entire process very fast, easy and painless,” said Hundert.

But accounts need not fear the fancy new site. “We’re also offering online training tutorials to help our customers use our new site and increase the efficiency of their business,” he said.