Robert Marc Opens a New and Redesigned Location in New York City

 Katie Couric makes an appearance and tries on some of Marc’s new frames.
 The new store design is meant to mimic the colors and features of the ocean floor.

 Robert Marc’s redesigned and newly opened location store window.
NEW YORK—Luxury eyewear designer Robert Marc made a statement last month with a new store design, new collection and new location at 1225 Madison Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The new store joins four other Robert Marc stores on the iconic avenue, making it the eighth to open in New York City and ninth location overall (there is one location in Boston). The redesign has been introduced to reflect the new brand aesthetic that’s come into play this summer.

The new store joins a sea of luxury brands in play this season, but houses a collection with a refreshing theme—the ocean. According to Marc, the "Deep Sea Waters" collection reflects the colors and shapes of the ocean floor. In the new store, purple, turquoise and green eyewear pieces complement grey upholstered furniture, nickel and brass wall mirrors, and a center vitrine holds display boxes styled to mimic a coral reef. The 600 square foot space also features mid-century American cabinetry bordering a white tile floor, giving a relaxed and luxurious feel. Credited for bringing Marc’s artistic vision to life is architect and interior designer S. Russell Groves, the man behind retail spaces like Ann Taylor, Coach and Tiffany & Co.

“It was our intention to create a space that reflects the quality, craftsmenship, and beautiful materials of the Robert Marc eyewear collection,” Groves said.

Marc told VM that the new design should be making its way to other stores throughout the year, with each location reflecting the characteristics of its community.

“The brand has always been about offering elegance from an authentic place, which our new retail design delivers,” Marc said. “Our new retail concept creates an engaging experience in a neighborhood setting where the eyewear shines.”