Robertson Optical’s Cozē Compensated Lenses Bring Personalization to Patients

 Scott Baxter
LOGANVILLE, Ga.—Cozē ADL and Cozē Wrap are the newest designs to join the family of Robertson Optical Laboratories’ privately-labeled digitally surfaced free-form progressives called Cozē. Cozē advanced design lens (ADL), uses Robertson’s digital free-form method of grinding, and powers are compensated to allow for the patient’s unique frame angle, tilt or wrap, and wearing vertex. ECPs are able take measurements for these features and have Robertson enter them into calculations, thus overriding default measurements. Cozē Wrap, which is part of the Cozē ADL package, is designed for wrap frames and enables optimal edge-to-edge vision.

“Patients see better at distance, intermediate and near zones with these lenses,” says Mike Fussell, sales and customer service manager of Robertson Optical Laboratories of Atlanta (Loganville), Ga. “The Cozē ADL and Wrap are top-of-the-line products with unsurpassed optics that are specifically tailored to each individual’s Rx and frame.

“Cozē ADL and Wrap fall into the same categories as the leading compensated lenses such as Seiko Superceed, Shamir Autograph II and Zeiss Individual,” Fussell adds. “However, Cozē ADL and Wrap costs less than the national brands and approximately the same as standard lenses.”

Cozē lenses can be ordered through all Robertson Optical locations in Loganville, Ga.; Columbia, S.C.; and Greenville, S.C. These labs serve customers throughout the U.S.

Scott Baxter, pictured here, a lab technician of Robertson Optical Laboratories of Atlanta, Ga., inspects a Cozē Wrap job.