Efficiency Is Key

“Our customer service department fields the majority of re-orders but the percentage is shifting toward the web each year,” said Carlo Ruggiero III, manager of sales technologies. “We have continued to grow year over year since we launched about three years ago and our web business will have almost tripled by the end of 2011. The success of has given us the ability to make our Call Center more efficient.” provides full ordering, product availability and shipment tracking capabilities. The company has tailored the site to be fast and efficient throughout the ordering process. “It was our goal to make the order entry process quick and easy to use,” continued Ruggiero.

“Online ordering has allowed us to streamline the order process to become more efficient. For example, we have a Daily Cart option for accounts that order multiple frames each day. They can log on multiple times a day and add frames to their Daily Cart. We then automatically process that cart every day at 1:30 EST. This ensures shipment that day and gives the customer the assurance that the order was processed without them actually having to complete the transaction. Not only is it easy but it saves our accounts money in shipping costs.

“Accounts that become accustomed to ordering online do not want to have to place a phone call to customer service. They want to log in, get the information they need, order, and log out,” Ruggiero said.