Santinelli International Offers New 3M Finishing Products

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—Santinelli International now offers a solution for edging hydrophobic coated lenses, 3M™ LEAP™ LSE (Low Surface Energy) finish blocking pads. The 3M LEAP LSE Pads are made of a specially formulated adhesive designed to improve the edging quality of today’s hydrophobic, “non-stick,” low surface energy coated lenses.

The pads offer a “one-step approach,” eliminating the need for intermediate film and thereby streamlining the process of accurate blocking. The pads are designed to adhere to hydrophobic coatings, while maintaining all-important axis stability. They are available in five types of varying sizes and shapes, and for different block types.

“The 3M LEAP LSE Pads are manufactured with intermediate film properties built right into the pad which eliminates supplementary products usage, ultimately saving time and money,” said Gerard Santinelli, company president and CEO.

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