Schneider Opens New Plant in Germany

FRONHAUSEN, Germany—The Schneider Optical Machines new headquarters and manufacturing facility here was turned into a first class event hall with a large stage, theater lighting, live band, dance/acrobatic performances and seating for over 300 people for the grand opening event on Feb. 17. Local dignitaries, industry leaders, representatives from the five international Schneider subsidiaries, industry leaders and employees all gathered to celebrate the opening of the new building.

“While we enjoy building new buildings, our mission is to build ophthalmic machines,” remarked company owner and president Gunter Schneider. “This new building will give us a place to develop new products for our customers that mirror our passion…a fascination for innovation.”

The new facility is located in Fronhausen, between the towns of Marburg and Giessen, Germany. It is about 35 minutes from Schneider’s old facility in Steffenberg. The location was selected for its proximity to all three towns and the Frankfurt airport, Schneider executives said. The new property measures 71,000 square meters, including 9,541 square meters for the business area and 3,225 square meters for the assembly hall. The facility houses 215 employees, nearly three-quarters of Schneider’s worldwide workforce.

The new Schneider building in Fronhausen, Germany, provides office space, showrooms, manufacturing, warehouse and shipping facilities in one location.   Company president Gunter Schneider welcomes employees, dignitaries, affiliates and honored guests to his grand opening event.
Gathering at the opening event are (l to r) Kurt Atchison, Schneider, Dallas, U.S.; Dan Katzman, Shamir; Freddy Feng, Schneider, Shanghai, China; Jerry Cheuk, Schneider Hong Kong, China; and Federico Pischel, Schneider, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Visitors from the U.S., (l to r) Ed Greene, The Vision Council; Mike and Meg Junker, Schneider; Kurt and Megan Atchison, Schneider; Warren Meyer, VSP; Heike Wagner, Schneider, Germany; Kevin Cross, Schneider receive a personal tour of the facility from Gunter Schneider (far right).