Seeing the Light and Feeling Inspired

There’s an old expression, and I don’t know who to credit for it, about overcoming a challenge: “Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” It’s interpreted as an expression that means to foresee or be hopeful about an end to something, such as a problem, a difficulty or a trying circumstance.

And there’s a variation on that theme, again, not sure who gets the credit, but it always makes me smile, which is: “Is that the light at the end of the tunnel? Or is that the train?’”

Perspective is really important. So is attitude. And those are the things that are critical to consider when we all look out into 2013 and try to anticipate what things will be like in the dizzy-fast, crazy-pace world today.

While the economy has been depressed for some, for many, things appear to be improving. That is helping to open up purchasing and the responsiveness to new ideas and products and services— if they resonate with patients and consumers.

At Vision Monday, our editorial team is busy busy, working consistently to report on new ideas, product developments and technologies, better understand what you are thinking about, what’s working in your business and delve into what are the rationales behind the programs, initiatives and processes that are successful. The idea is to reflect the diverse mix of what’s happening out there— and, hopefully, to help you make more informed decisions about where your own business is headed.

We reflect a lot of such useful and practical information in this edition’s Cover Topic— what are the Can’t Miss Frame Trends which offer the best opportunities this year? What are consumers responding to? How can you apply them within your own retail boutique and optical dispensary?

You could feel overwhelmed at all that needs to be done this year to keep pace in business. You could feel that train bearing down, headed right for you. After all, there’s health care changes, managed care issues, top and bottom line challenges, and staffing headaches.

Or, you can take a deep breath, learn that the consumer and many of your colleagues are energized by an array of new and original ideas in the eyewear arena right now, and choose to see the light.